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A ninja never reveals their name
:star: :star: Welcome to the Ninja Club! :star: :star:
Grandmaster - :iconthegeckoninja:
2nd Ninja in command - :iconttrulytt:
Caretaker - :icononokiya:

Founder - crucified-elf - no longer active -

Welcome to visitors and club members! If you are here, it is because you adore those ass-kicking assassins of the night - NINJAS! You can like any kind, from any source, game, manga, anime, as long as you like ninjas! We encourage you to send us pictures and prose depicting your love for ninjas and just to join in and be part of the club.

Now, if you are interested, Please read the following before asking about joining

:meditate: Joining! :meditate:

To join, you must send a note to us with the heading "Joining The Club" or something along those lines. To join, you must like ninjas! That is all you have to do!! Please be polite when commenting or noting! No one likes a discourteous ninja!!

:meditate: Submitting Art! :meditate:

If you want to have your art shown on here, send me a note with a link of the image and I'll go see it. If it's acceptable (No porn, etc) I'll save it and upload it with your name in the title. All copyright will go to you so there should be no hassles!

:meditate: ~MEMBERS~ :meditate:
:meditate: ~ AFFILIATES~ :meditate:
:meditate: ~ CONTESTS~ :meditate:
:meditate: ~MEMBER NOTE:: Please do not make the submit ion GINORMOUS because it makes it harder to be viewed properly when submitted in the ID box thingy.


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demoncat415 Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2009
i wan join!
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